Biteslides: a perfect ESL tool for teachers and younger students.

Biteslides [] is a great tool I recently discovered on the Internet. I think ESL teachers of younger students will particularly like this:


It is not free, but you can get a free 30 day trial


It is perfect for use in classroom as well as assigning homework. It takes about a minute to register (you need to provide your email address) and you can start sceating your first Biteslides class straight away!


It can be just plain text:


Or a collage of your own images and stickers:

aaaaaaBiteslides sounds like a great tool for younger ESL learners of Beginner/Elementary adult class. It probably makes more sense to do it in class a a small group activity when working on a small project or presentation. Biteslides isn’t very different from a PowerPoint, but it has lovely stickers and backgrounds. Biteslides allows you to search and add images from Google and videos from YouTube.

Sounds fun! Have you tried Biteslides? Any other presentation/project tools for younger ESL learners you know about? Please share!


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